Youth-Powered Ocean ARTivism


Youth-Powered Ocean ARTivism


Youth-Powered Ocean ARTivism



We harness the skills of our young talent to create learning experiences focused on art, science, and environment education, emphasizing innovative approach to design thinking. The Sea Lab Project is a hub of creativity, collaborative problem-solving, a movement towards socially engaged art under one inspiring maker lab.

We unite the practice of art with the practice of science, to redefine how youth learn about the environment. Serving the nation's sixth-largest school district, including Title 1 schools, it’s diverse learners, a majority from low income and frontline communities.

Ocean trash turns into art, artful maker labs replace science lessons and we solve the loss of science learning, making it less complex, more inclusive and ever more engaging via project-based, art, design, and science discovery programs.

Learners are invited to engage in a  series of environmentally conscious projects where they construct their own artist portfolios, put on a community art show and experience the ocean like never before.Truly living out the message of the 4R's (reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose) as citizen scientist. 

The program's core message is sustainable -  nature-inspired design, eco-friendliness practices and fun. 

We redesign the curriculum, move far beyond traditional science, to empower  young minds to take action for the environment.

Made to motivate youth to address environmental challenges and underline the importance of artistic and cultural efforts in promoting environmental sustainability. This hands-on initiative not only encourages creativity but also promotes a profound connection to our coastal blue spaces. Students explore environmental education themes and become empowered participants. Raising awareness about plastic pollution and its impact on marine life.

  • While developing creative content and artistic form, students build tangible skills in collaboration and decision making.
  • Additionally, they practice strategic thinking while figuring out how to visually present their collective ideas and cooperate with their peers while creating a large-scale project.
  • Our capstone projects are the result of the collective vision of our young learners, finding creative ways to infuse life into the public blue spaces through sculptures and installations that narrate stories, provoke thought, advocate for ocean conservation, and honor the rich cultural tapestry of South Florida.

Our environmental education program acknowledges that Earth's oceans are not merely vast bodies of water; they are the lifeblood of our planet. Encompassing nearly three-quarters of the Earth's surface and containing an astounding 97% of its water, oceans serve as the ultimate wellspring of life and biodiversity on our planet. We educate youth about the fascinating facts concerning our rising seas and empower them with the knowledge and tools to actively engage in environmental conservation efforts.  

At the heart of the program lies the learning journey and the community-based public art initiative. We believe in the power of art to transform and unite communities, and our work revolves around creating meaningful, accessible, and engaging art experiences for youth.

With a commitment to inclusivity and community participation, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and connection to our local beaches through the universal language of art.

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