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Empower Youth, Impact Change: Investing in Underserved Youth for a Greener Planet and Cleaner Ocean.

The Sea Lab Project is an after-school program designed for youth, offering a unique blend of Art, STEM Mentorship, ocean exploration, and creative maker labs, sponsored by The Rotary Club of Deerfield Beach. 

A program made to reimagine environmental education for youth, providing them with opportunities to address and solve the most pressing environmental challenges. Serving the nation's sixth-largest school district, including Title 1 schools, its diverse learners, a majority from low income and frontline communities.

Using the power of art and visual storytelling as a tool to convey scientific concepts. Youth build artist portfolios, create narratives that are both scientifically accurate and artistically compelling to captivate your audience. 

Highlighting the importance and conservation of our marine ecosystems, biodiversity, and showcase how ocean trash turns into art. 

A unique initiative dedicated to fostering creativity, environmental awareness, and community engagement in South Florida.

The SEA LAB is a Youth Powered Movement for a Greener Planet and Cleaner Ocean. 

A program based in South Florida, home to the only coral reef system in the continental United States. Our goal is to open up a world of learning about our blue planet, providing hands-on experiences and exposure to the wonders of marine science via the power of art. 

Register Here: DFB Teen Center  

The Sea Lab is a 6-month spring program designed to immerse teens in ocean exploration, environmental art-making and science life. Through field trips, workshops, Everglades experiences, and mentorship from NatGeo Explorer, former NOAA professionals, and more, we aim to connect youth with the significance of our oceans.

Through maker labs and other immersive experiences, we facilitate access to a team of STEM, sustainability, and arts professionals. Our aim is to cultivate students' passion for science and spark their interest in exploration.

Learn how you can support the Sea Lab Project and be part of the growing community of businesses supporting impact where it counts.

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