Coral Playhouse


Coral Playhouse


Coral Playhouse


"Coral Playhouse" is an artistic installation designed to inspire environmental awareness and foster community engagement. Displayed March 2024 at the Deerfield Beach historical Society.  

The interactive child-sized playhouse, created by youth environmental artists from the City of Deerfield Beach Teen Center, along with support from a National Geographic certified educator and Lele Art Lab's founder, highlights coral reef ecosystems and youth efforts.

With dynamic coral patterns resembling porous corallite skeletons, the playhouse is crafted from natural clay and vibrant powdered chalk.

The project had young participants use food-grade silicone molds to craft clay imprints, shaping detailed coral parts.

Youth participated in a series of maker labs featuring design challenges, to gain greater understanding of the principles of art and utilized marine debris as an expressive medium.  They also had the chance to snorkel in the coral reefs of South Florida, gaining firsthand insights into marine ecosystems. 



The project combines art, science, and community youth participation to demonstrate the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. Working towards a climate friendly future for all, empowering youth to feel a sense of ownership. 




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