Purposeful Partners

The Sea Lab is removing barriers to ocean exploration and education, solving the the loss of science learning, making it less complex, more inclusive and ever more engaging via project-based, art, design, and science discovery programs.

Why become a partner?

Our partners play a vital role in the success of our community project, collaborating with us to inspire and empower youth. Together, we facilitate accessible support systems that encourage creative expression and scientific inquiry, fostering the well-being and growth of teenagers.

Become a Sea Lab partner today to receive numerous benefits to your business or organization.

  • As Sustaining Partners, you provide crucial financial support to the Sea Lab, enabling us to offer students the resources they need most.

  • Community Partners are organizations that serve on an Advisory Committee. These organizations help grow the Sea Lab through collaboration and resource sharing.

  • Founding Partners are organizations that have made a significant financial contribution to support the creation of the Sea Lab.

Join us! Contact us here. 

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