Leveraging the universal power of art, to inspire, create and advocate for a greener planet and cleaner ocean.


    Design challenges and sustainability-focused projects, made to engage youth as powerful advocates for change.


    EPIC oceanic adventure where youth get to steer the ship towards enlightening expeditions about ocean issues and stewardship.

A Lele Art Lab Program:

Making Waves Through the Arts

  • Positive change

    A platform for youth to learn about environmental issues through art-making and creative communication, to explore their relationship with the changing seas and become advocates for positive change.

  • Towards an Artful Future

    Workshops increase environmental literacy, tools turn into climate action and learners of all abilities transform into artists.

  • Planet Leaders

    Teen Artists for Oceans build eye-catching and symbolic art in public places. Delivering powerful environmental messages from their lived experiences.

  • The Design Quest

    Teens formulate their artists statements, sharing who they are, what they made and why they. made it. We call it a "Call to Action" made for a greener planet and cleaner ocean.


"...students traded their snorkels for slogging shoes, to experience the Everglades."

Design Challenge

Coral Playhouse

Made to amplify youth voices and participation in ocean conservation.


"We've done so much to learn about the ocean, and learned how much it really impacts us."


“We make a lot of neat things using trash from the ocean.”


"I can't believe how we turn trash, what we find on our coasts into art. I loved the whole experience.”


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