Mobiles Oceans

Celebrate art and environmental responsibility with our beautifully crafted ocean mobiles, made from driftwood and marine debris found on South Florida's beaches. Your purchase supports both the environment and the arts.

Our ocean mobiles, part of our 'Doors and Windows Campaign,' are unique kinetic sculptures adorned with marine microplastics, perfect for your business space. All ocean mobiles are custom built, part of a series of colorful, oscillating structures made from configurations of metal parts and ocean trash, specifically micro plastics.

Our Mobile Oceans represent your commitment to our oceans and the planet. 

All profits from Sea Lab: Ocean Mobiles help power the work behind our youth program. Your support directly helps build access to the arts and science enrichment activities for Title 1 high school students in the area. 

Join our 'Ocean Mobile Campaign' and own a piece of art with a purpose. Your support also helps provide arts and science activities to Title 1 high school students in the area.

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